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Jose, Mark, & Will - Spring 1995

1995 Outdoor Jam on Wheaton College Campus

Our musical debut as students on the campus of Wheaton College was in 1995 with an outdoor rock jam. It must have been the first really nice day of spring, yes, I believe it was the week before Easter. Back then we were playing cover songs from bands such as Alice In Chains, Nirvana, and Wheezer. Behind us sits my beloved, and departed, Peavey Supreme 160 half-stack. Wow! I miss that amp. She was my "hell on wheels". Our bassist, Tim Bostick, who is not pictured here, completed our four-some of rockers, known at that time as Loose Hinge. (pictured from left to right: José Ibañez , Mark Levi, Will Garrison)

The Beginnings of Loose Hinge, 1990-1995

The beginnings of our "rock stardom" began as innocently as any who have taken up the rock baton. I was a mere fourteen years old in 1990, and had been playing guitar for just shy of a year. One of my friends from high school who was a seasoned guitarist began coming over and jamming. The two of us wanted to start a band, and we knew just who could do the drumming for us. It was my neighbor down the street, Will Garrison, who had been playing drums from the age of three. Now, he was more of a country music guy, but we thought he'd join in on a rock project with a little nudging. Soon the three of us were jamming songs by Metallica and Slayer.

I invited a friend of mine from high school, Don Delaney, to come listen to us jam in Will's garage. He started coming, always sitting in the same spot in the garage on a lawn chair with his red baseball cap. He never said much, however, he never missed a jam session. He became our most devoted fan. Well, we still needed a bass player, and when time came, Don began filling that role.

Then there was the eternal question, "Who will sing?" We went through numerous singers, mostly bad, and then landed upon an experienced lead vocalist, Steve Ores. In the September of 1995 we recorded a three song demo of original material.

Vona - Stay EP

From Loose Hinge to Vona, 1995-2002

In college we switched singers and bassists, but continued to go by the name of Loose Hinge. With José on vocals and Tim on bass we continued to compose new songs, as well as performing and recording on campus.

After graduating from college, we all went our separate ways. However, José continued to drive on with his own music. In 2000, Will and I again joined ranks with José to work on a new recording project spearheaded by José. It was this new project that, with the addition of bassist Nicole Hubbell, became Vona.

By the end of 2000 the recording project was nearing completion. The six song EP entitled Stay was released March 9, 2001. In the time from the release of Stay to my eventual departure from Vona, there were several demo releases. These are all included on the 2003 compilation CD (see The Vona Compilation 2001-2002).

Future Plans?

My future plans are to continue to write music and find people with whom to share it. In the Fall of 2003, Will and I reconnected with our old bass player, Don, and recorded new renditions of two of our old songs on my 4-track. Previous to this, we had only live recordings of these songs (see 2003 Loose Hinge Reunion). With the advent of Don in the line-up again making new recordings with Will and I, as well as with my finally getting the 1995 Demo transferred to CD, I decided to put together a compilation CD of all (well... most) of our original material from studio, live, and garage recordings... as well as the two new 4-track recordings (see Loose Hinge - The Compilation 1993-2003). You'll find links to both Loose Hinge and Vona on the left menu. Enjoy!


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